Monday, January 19, 2009

At last

Finally scanned some pages!
i've been finding more and more pleasure in drawing these days.
i feel so relaxed, cliche i know, but quite true!
also my friend claire is doing a sketchbook project.
i've tagged along on a few of her sketch trips to the coffee shop.


M said...

great sketches and drawings here on your blog. That progress shot looks exciting - hope to see it soon.

Just out of curiosity, a few posts down - in the bagbag picture, there is a quote on the left page? Who said this, a teacher? It looks like good advice.

robyn ng said...
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robyn ng said...

wintersession is going very well :> (ie. SUPER CHILL)
taking monsters and anthro. of dress and adornment. both ultra funtimes.
what are you taking??

can we please please please go on sketch outings?? i tried to do that once a week with my friend back home over break and we went to the mall food court and sketched for 3 hours. then i was ditched for a family vacation in hk. but anyway. yeah. i want a sketch outing. with you. and anyone else. coffee, ink, it should be fun :D

dan said...

eh, they're okay.

haha just kidding good show good show

dadu shin said...

M- shawn barber. good advice indeed.