Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Drawing of one of those print sketches.
haven't drawn like this for a while.

- Love Bait, 8" x 11" pencil


enthusiast said...

your sketches seem to get better and better everytime i visit your site.
i really really like this one. i can almost seem to feel the texture of the shirt and shorts with my eyes. the whole outfit with the folded socks and shoes is quite adorable. haha. keep up the amazing work!

mclean said...

Nice handling of the graphite there, its been so long since I noodled the heck out of something with a pencil. You got some nice subtle stuff goin on!

Oliver Dominguez said...

Thank you for your comment, nice work. Love this piece, the handling of the graphite is amazing.

dan said...

this one is off the hook, nah meeean!

okay see you next week, homey