Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Here are some random bits of work from various things. I really just need to get into posting regularly. Expect that to happen when my scanner arrives! I'm going to be binge scanning.

Here is some of the work from the show at Gallery Nucleus. We were asked to illustrate different idioms. These were the first paintings out of the sketchbook I had done in a year. It was definitely a struggle and a bit frustrating. But I guess that is why I enjoyed painting in the first place. However I've started using traditional media again a lot more since the show. It was a good wake up call. Unfortunately I was unable to get good photos or scans before I had to send them off so I apologize for the small images. You can see the rest with some close ups here. Big thanks goes out to Lin Shi for inviting me to participate in the show.

"Over the Competition" , Idiom: Dark horse.

"The Other Side", Idiom: The grass is always greener on the other side.

"It Wasn't Me", Idiom: I smell a rat.

"Sick Day", Idiom: Feeling under the weather.


Here is something I did for the NYT OPED Letters page. You can read the article here. Big thanks to Alexandra Zsigmond and Aviva Michaelov.




Here is my small contribution to the Vend Send Mend show. Definitely check the show out, it's for a good cause and there are a lot of great artists contributing.

"Rain Man"


Rachel Fujii said...

Hope your scanner comes soon! I got to see your pieces in the Nucleus show in person, and they are amazing :]

KATIA WISH said...

I love "Sick Day".